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In the world of data-driven communication process, the number of use cases is only limited by one’s imagination.  Often time’s imagination could use a little inspiration. In that spirit here are some use case ideas. Some of these we have done for other customers.  Others we are waiting for you.

SMS (Text message) post customer service call survey.

Send a text message asking to take a brief survey.  Many companies ask you to stay on the call after it is completed to take a brief voice survey.  Frequently customers just are not willing to take the time to do that. But completing a brief survey via a text message on my smartphone is something much easier to do and can be completed on my time.

Another key benefit for both the company and the customer is that now the customer has a text pathway into customer service for future needs.  We can even provide real time dashboard statistics on these SMS surveys.

SMS (Text message) automation. We programmatically send and receive SMS.

Send SMS to a customer when….

  • Product ships
  • Product is delayed
  • Status of a service ticket changes
  • Credit limit is reached
  • Product recall is announced
  • Something I’m likely interested in just happened
  • Appointment reminder AND the ability to change the appointment
  • Update on your health insurance deductible

Customer sends an SMS to your company.

  • What is the status of my order?
  • What is the status of my service ticket?
  • I want to change my ship to location
  • What location is nearest me?
  • What are your hours?
  • Do you sell this?
  • Provide the answers either with automation (chat bot) or rout the questions to live agents and they respond in text back to the customer.

Voice automation.  We programmatically make or receive phone calls.

Inbound call

  • IVR.  Recorded speech, text to speech, voice recognition
  • Rout the call based on a combination of attributes unique to your business
    • Any recent service tickets?
    • Revenue of customers over the last year
    • Push low value customers to self-service, offer choice to high value customers

Outbound calling

  • Make an outbound call in seconds/minutes when a high value prospect fills in a lead form.
  • Make outbound calls originate from a local number in the area you calling.  (People are three times more likely to answer local calls.)